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Alicat offer a wide range of products for water control and measurement, why not ask us about other liquids?

Our “LC” range of liquid flow controllers offer fast, accurate and precise control of water and other selected liquids.  With ultra-fast response times of 100-ms and accuracy rates of ± 2% Full Scale our controller can be used on a wide range of applications.  We can offer PID valve tuning for the best speed and stability in your application.

The local display and push button interface allow for quick and easy meter setup and the local display shows both the volumetric flow rate and line temperature.  Need to know your ...

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Tech Talk

King Variable Area Flow Meters Bring Energy Savings and Quality Improvements

The King 7510  series of variable area flow meters brings both energy savings and quality improvements to leading brick and tile manufacturer in the UK.

Premier Control Technologies were asked to help in identifying a product that would ensure a balanced gas delivery to kiln burners.  Our client had identified that during the manufacturing process there was gas wastage which was costly. Of equal significance there were inconsistencies with the curing process.

The environment was hot and had an atmosphere containing 0.75 ppm of Sulphur Dioxide, compatible materials were important. Each kiln had individual burners and it was necessary to ‘balance the burn’.  

Due to the numbers involved (over 400) cost was a consideration.  PCT suggested the 7510 series rotameter manufactured by King Instrument Company. It is not only robust but offers clarity; furthermore King offers a bespoke flow scale service, offering many volumetric flow units.  We were able to supply a volumetric flow scale with the specific gas ...