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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Deltawave Clamp On Energy Meter provides the ultimate solution for portable flow and energy measurement.

Alicat Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
The only Flow and Pressure porducts in the industry to come with a lifetime warranty. Alicat products are meant to last a lifetime, and we stnd behind that!
King Variable Area Flow meters
King's focus is on only using proven technology and longstanding methods to build the most accurate, versatile, and economical rotameters possible.
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Have you seen our range of pressure gauges? We offer them in many different sizes with a variety of process connections. We can produce dual scaled gauges or even gauges with your own company logo on!

Commonly all of our gauges offer 316 SS wetted parts and all stainless steel enclosures, we offer standard dial sizes of 63mm, 100mm or 160mm

Ask us about our process connections, we have stocked items with BSP threads but can also offer many threaded, screwed, flanged or hygienic connections.

We can even offer hygienic and diaphragm seals, want to know more? Then contact ...

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Tech Talk

SMS Select Lake Flowmeters from PCT for their Testing and Flushing Hydraulic Power Units

Specialised Management Services manufacture Testing & Flushing Hydraulic Power Units (TFHPU) that deliver low and high pressure filtered hydraulic fluid for mobile pressure testing applications. 

Used both in house and offshore on topside & subsea control valves and umbilical’s; the flushing pump generates the required flow and pressure for mobile flushing applications. 

These are harsh environments and the no nonsense Lake flowmeter provides instant flow data. Capable of 400 bar operating pressures in stainless steel material the Lake meter is designed into a system comprising  a reservoir, electrically driven hydraulic flushing pump, or pneumatically operated LP and HP pressure pumps, accumulators, filters. 

The flow meter provides accurate and reliable data measurement ensuring turbulent flow is achieved throughout the flushing process. 

You can read more about our range of Lake Monitors Variable Area Flow Meters or even ...