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Deltawave Clamp On Energy Meter provides the ultimate solution for portable flow and energy measurement.

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The only Flow and Pressure porducts in the industry to come with a lifetime warranty. Alicat products are meant to last a lifetime, and we stnd behind that!
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King's focus is on only using proven technology and longstanding methods to build the most accurate, versatile, and economical rotameters possible.
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Our SEM206 series is our low cost, entry level PC programmable temperature transmitter. We off three versions for Pt100, Thermocouple and Thermistor inputs. It will convert the sensor output  to a standard industrial (4 to 20) mA transmission signal.  

PC configuration allows you to select range, units and burnout direction, without requiring calibration equipment. Configuration is performed quickly using our USB port driven configurator by simply connecting two clips to the SEM206 loop terminals and following the software instructions. Calibration set up may be saved as a file on the PC for later use.

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Tech Talk

Mass Flow Control for Gas Sensor Characterization and Calibration

This months PCT’s TechTalk looks at a local application with Cambridge CMOS sensors who are an industry leader in sensor technology. Their patented CMOS MEMS gas sensors use Micro-Hotplates technology to provide lower power consumption and faster response times for monitoring air quality and hazardous gases. A test platform was required for characterization and calibration of the sensors, during which carbon monoxide, ethanol or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) would be pumped into a test chamber with each sensor.

Because their own sensors are so fast, Cambridge CMOS Sensors needed a mass flow control system that also responded rapidly to generate varying gas concentrations in the test chamber. Each test would require different concentrations of the gases at flow rates ranging from 0.1 ml/min to 500 ml/min. Fast flow stabilization was also necessary to gather transient data and to conduct leak testing of the test chamber.

We ...