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What is Tank Blanketing and why is it required?


What is Tank Blanketing / Tank Padding? Why is Tank Blanketing so important and in some cases required? To study our notes on these two questions follow the link to the article...

How does a Coriolis Flow Meter work?


This Coriolis effect can be used in Metering flows. The past 20 years have seen a rapid rise in the use of Coriolis Meters being used to measure flow of Liquids or gases. Take a few minutes to read our post about how a Coriolis Flow Meter works...

Using a MFM and PC as an alternative to traditional pin gauge testing


In this article we explain the thoughts behind moving from pin gauge operations to instead using an Alicat M series mass flowmeter (MFM) and an Alicat electronic pressure controller (PC series).

How to check the characterization of a static orifice using pressure and mass


A regular process for the Alicat’s mass flow meters and differential pressure controllers is checking the characterization for something like a filter or static orifice. To learn more follow the link to the article.

How to measure greenhouse gas leaks of a gas well


There are a few challenging factors to be considered when measuring the greenhouse gas emissions caused by gas wells leaking. Read our article to learn more.

Extending The Boundaries Of Fluid Flow Control


Conventional automated flow control has historically been achieved via two main methods. But why would one flow method be used as opposed to the other? Read our article to find out...

Reducing your energy costs whilst achieving ISO 50001 accreditation with CS Instruments Leak detectors


This article follows on from our previous CS instruments article which looks at the unknown costs of your air compressor.

Today we will be focusing on how CS instruments leak detection instruments can help towards your ISO 50001 accreditation and overall energy reduction.

Premier Control Technologies Systems


Premier Control Technologies (PCT) were established in 1991 and today have over 30 years in the Gas and Liquid Instrumentation sectors. PCT are distributors for many global leading brands of instrumentation in Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity, due to this diverse range we are in a unique position to offer these in a system. PCT has a wealth of experience in these fields...

The unknown costs of your compressed air


Have you ever considered what the cost of running your air compressor actually is?

Furthermore, have you wondered why your compressor maybe running 24 hours a day?

In this article we discuss how your compressor maybe costing you money and explore ways we can reduce these costs.

Using Mass flow to fully automate paint applications


Mechanical paint sprayers, normally used for spraying cars, need steady and stable gas flow. This allows them to evenly apply coats of paint. While atomising the paint, we can change the shape of the stream by adjusting the amount of paint and gas supplied to the electric field. Click into the article to read more...