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The Benefits of Coriolis Meter-Pump Systems Compared to Legacy Solutions


When it comes to non-pressurized systems, there is rarely a clear-cut answer as to which pump type is going to be best suited for any given application. Each have their own limitations, be it in batch or continuous processes.

What if there were a solution; one that could give you the best of all 3, whilst mitigating each of their downsides? What would that look like?

It would look eerily like Alicat’s brand new CODA Coriolis Meter-Pump System.

Extending The Envelope Of Flow Control Capability


The Problem: A reliable flow control is increasingly more difficult the closer you reach the capability envelope. Learn how PCT have made the impossible, possible.

Chilled Water Systems Flow Monitoring with No Down Time


The choice of a suitable flow meter to monitor the chilled water system can be as critical as the process itself. Adopting the incorrect flow metering technology can lead to flow meter failure. The failure of a flow meter may cause coolant to expel from the process further complicating the situation. Read here about the non-invasive clamp-on solution we offer.

Exploring the popular Gas Mixing methods


Mixing of two or more gases can be achieved in a variety of ways, here we will explore the most popular ways to create a Gas mix.

Drastar Pressure Regulators: Commonly Asked Questions


We offer a comprehensive range of Pressure Regulators from Drastar; Single Stage and Two-Stage Pressure Regulation, Low and High Pressure / Hydraulic and Gar Reducing Regulators, Auto Change Over Systems and pressure regulation for Ultra-High Purity Systems for corrosive gases.

FlowVision 2.0 Software


FlowVision 2.0™ provides Alicat Instrument users with a software system that is useable with flow and pressure instruments. The software connects to a device or multiple devices and allows the user to plot charts for flow and pressure.

How Does an Instrumentation Pressure Regulator Work?


Firstly we should be clear that this article relates to precision instrumentation pressure reducing regulators with a poppet style control valve. Whilst cylinder regulators fall within this description other industrial styles such as globe valves or sliding gate valves do not... to continue reading this article please follow the link.

SuperCritical Carbon Dioxide Pressure Control with Equilibar Back Pressure Regulators


Supercritical CO² is very much at the heart of ever-increasing research into green technologies and highly efficient pressure control is pivotal to its’ success. SCO² has fluid properties that are rather unique in that it behaves as neither a gas nor a liquid whilst also having very useful thermal properties. Areas of research therefore include its use as a “green solvent” as it has... To continue reading please follow the link.

Drastar Pressure Regulators: Exceed in Safety and Long-Term Quality


There are several types of pressure regulator available across the global market, however, not all are created equal. What is it that makes our Drastar range different?

The answer can be found under two main headings: (a) Safety and (b) Long Term Quality. Continue reading this application article by following the link.

How To Choose the Correct Peristaltic Pump in Four Steps


We summarise in four steps the considerations in choosing the correct configuration of peristaltic pump for your application.