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What Is The Point Of An Accuracy Statement


Manufacturers provide datasheets or specification sheets for the flow measuring devices they supply and whilst all are created with the best of intensions, they are sometimes difficult to decipher and almost always difficult to compare. In an ideal world there would be a standard method for declaring “accuracy” however in reality this is not always possible. So, in the case of Alicat mass flow meters and controllers - what is accuracy?

Bioreactor CO2 and O2 flow control using Spargers


Numerous bioreactor components and features are critical for process optimization, including impellers for gentle mixing, baffling, spargers for gas introduction and the bioreactor shape. Here we focus on gas flow control in tandem with the use of spargers within bioreactors and discuss both technological challenges they face and possible solutions.

Handheld Laboratory Flow Meters


Portable gas flow meters make GC checks, calibrations and audits fast and easy. They fulfil a number of lab measuring functions all within the one device!

Core Analysis Back Pressure Regulator


Core analysis on rock samples are easy with the Equilibar Zero-Flow Back Pressure Regulator. This series of pressure regulator is specially designed to address the challenging requirements of the reservoir testing industry.

Fast Flow Control Using Alicat Instruments and a Backpressure Regulator


The combined specialities of two our partners has resulted in a product solution that truly extends the boundaries of what is possible within process control. By combining an Alicat CODA Coriolis device with an Equilibar dome loaded control valve it is now possible to fulfil extreme service applications.

Operating Principle of Equilibar Back Pressure Regulators


Operating Principle of Equilibar Back Pressure Regulators

The only moving part within an Equilibar is a supple diaphragm thereby enabling frictionless operation without hysteresis or cracking pressure. Because it is dome-loaded, the balance of forces provides highly reliable, stable back-pressure control. At the same time, the multiple orifice design ensures a huge turn-down range (an ultra-wide flow range) typically 100 times wider than traditional regulators or valves.

Alicat Mass Flow Controllers’ Resistance to Backpressure Contamination


Evaluation of Alicat Mass Flow Controllers’ Resistance to Backpressure Contamination

Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are essential to many modern production and test processes. Reliable and precise flow control is required for sustained and efficient production in such diverse applications as glass fabrication and bioprocessing.

It is known that Alicat’s differential pressure based mass flow meters and controllers are more resistant to errors caused by this type of contamination than thermal conductivity based designs1—but just HOW resistant are they? We set up an experiment to simulate contamination with foamy liquid and examine its effects on an Alicat MFC’s ability to accurately control mass flow.

Analysis of Temperature and Pressure Conditions on Flow Measurement


Analysis of Temperature and Pressure Conditions on Flow Measurement

Mass flow measurements have achieved never before seen levels of accuracy and precision. But how do you know what level of precision you need? And further, how does this information relate to your unique application or system? This information will equip you to make the most of your existing instruments and intelligently evaluate new instrumentation for your particular system. Get the latest information on why specifications matter and what impact this will have on your mass flow measurements!

Simplified Gas Line Configuration for Bioreactors and Bioprocess Systems


Simplified Gas Line Configuration for Bioreactors and Bioprocess Systems

An example of how to reduce cost and complexity for gas inputs utilizing high controllable range mass flow control.

As the need for even more potent and specific pharmaceuticals grows, Pharma manufacturers have turned to Biologics to meet the increasing needs to solve complex and currently untreatable disease conditions (including cancer and myriad genetic diseases).

Elastomer Considerations for Bioreactors


Biocompatible wetted materials are important to avoid contamination

All Alicat BIO series mass flow meters and controllers use BPE approved component. This means that every BIO series unit ensures that fragile bioreactions remain undisturbed by contaminants introduced by your mass flow control systems. This article discusses why this is a critical concern for professional bioprocess engineers and how we address it.