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Safeguarding Against Legionella: A story of Industrial Water Safety


The Bacteria Legionella is known to infect people with legionellosis, a dangerous respiratory illness also known as Legionnaires’ disease. In this article we explore how the Non-invasive ultrasonic technology of the Dynasonic TFX-5000 ultra sonic clamp-on flow meter measuring the flow rate of aning chemicals to fight the bacteria.

An Overview of Our Pumps Range - The Advantages and Disadvantages Explained


Due to their design, our range of pumps are exceptionally versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications. Browse the different Pumps we have an offer, with information about their advantages and disadvantages.

Monitoring the flow of drinking water at a football stadium


It is incredibly vital to measure the demands of water in public areas, this is to maintain and ensure the system integrity thus preventing and detecting any leakages or inefficiencies. Read how Badger Meter accomplished this at a World famous football stadium.

The Importance of Dew Point Measurement in Compressed Air Systems


Ensuring optional performance within a compressed air system is vital for efficient operation as well as a good return on your investment. One often-overlooked factor that significantly impacts system efficiency is dew point.

Efficient energy monitoring in Industrial heating systems


Managing the efficiency of heating systems through seasonal changes and other factors, with the use of energy meters allows us to make informed decisions on our energy usage.

How does a Pressure Controller work?


The basic principle of how a pressure controller works comprises of three components; a pressure sensor, a control valve and a PCB. To find out more click through to the read the full article...

A Users' Viewpoint On The Buying Decision For Mass Flow Controllers


From our many discussions with users of mass flow controllers we have found that there are four, very human, reasons why people make the decisions they do when looking to make a new purchase. Read on to find out what these are...

Unrivalled Liquid Flow Control from CODA Coriolis Meters


Coriolis Mass Flow Control of Liquids, to accurately dose to a desired Mass of Liquid - can be acheieved with the combination of a Gear Pump and a Coriolis meter with on board PID control, this will give a system the best accuracy and usability.

How Does Dome Loading Work On The Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator?


Equilibar specialise in dome loaded back pressure and vacuum regulator controllers. The “Dome Loading” process is much simpler than it sounds. Read our article to find out...

The Uses of Coriolis Technology with Flow Instruments are Enormous


Mass Flow Controllers are used to control the flow rate of a liquid or a gas. However traditionally that device is not flexible that you can switch between a gas and a liquid on the same device. Coriolis technology has led to a universal mass flow instrument, where either a gas or a liquid can be used on the same device. Read the full article here...