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Stepper Drives for Peristaltic Pumps


If you have selected a peristaltic pump head that meets your flow requirements, you now want to select a drive system that suits your control needs as well. Here we discuss why a stepper driver may be the best solution.

PCT are industry experts in OEM Applications


Premier Control Technologies (PCT) have worked with many manufacturers providing solutions for OEM applications. Here we will concentrate on mass flow instruments within the latest PCT portfolio.

A 25-Step Guide to Peristaltic Pump Dispensing


Outlined here is a comprehensive 25-step guide on peristaltic dispensing pumps, which we have worked hard to cover all aspects you would need to consider. Please click the link to read further.

Pulsation in peristaltic pumps and in other type of positive displacement pumps


In this article we discuss why there is pulsation associated with a peristaltic pumps, what influences pulsation in peristaltic pumps, how to reduce pulsation in positive displacement pumps and the methods of Equilibar back pressure regulators.

Single-Use Technology has revolutionised the sector’s production processes


Single-use supplies can provide the same quality as reusable devices without the additional cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Ultimately, users will see continued savings after making the switch to single-use systems. Read more about this topic...

Exploring why Coriolis Technology is used in Flow Metering


We would like to introduce Coriolis Flow Meters, these are used on liquids, slurry’s, liquids with solids, vapours, and gases! How can one device be used on different fluids (Gas or Liquids)? To read into this subject please follow our link.

Peristaltic Pump Heads: Questions and Answers


Selecting the right peristaltic pump head can be a challenging task but we are here to make it easy. Take a read of our Questions and Answers article we've constructed and if you need any assistance please contact us.

Annual Calibration Explained


Your Alicat device should be recalibrated once per year to retain it’s limited lifetime warranty. Read our article which explains everything you need to know.

What is Tank Blanketing and why is it required?


What is Tank Blanketing / Tank Padding? Why is Tank Blanketing so important and in some cases required? To study our notes on these two questions follow the link to the article...

How does a Coriolis Flow Meter work?


This Coriolis effect can be used in Metering flows. The past 20 years have seen a rapid rise in the use of Coriolis Meters being used to measure flow of Liquids or gases. Take a few minutes to read our post about how a Coriolis Flow Meter works...