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Gas Flow Control - Cost Versus Specification Balancing


Gas Flow Control - Cost Versus Specification Balancing

Within the field of gas mass flow control there are several manufacturers vying to supply their equipment into industry. Each have their own strengths, and each have their own weaknesses, although all have their merits within their chosen industry sector or application segment. An alternative view is to take a given flow control process and then apply the best, most cost effective, technique or solution within the constraints of cost:specification balancing.

Back Pressure Regulation for Tank Blanketing


Read how an Equilibar General Service GSD helps the process of regulating pressure in Tank Blanketing.

How does a Turbine Flow Meter work?


Ever wondered about the inner workings of a Turbine Flow Meter and how they measure so accurately? We have written this article which you may find useful.

How does a Rotameter work?


A rotameter is a form of variable area flow meter which has a simplistic operation whereby a liquid or gas passes through a tapered tube. In order for this gas to pass through the tube it must first raise a float held within the tube. When a rotameter is used with a liquid the...

Proven Mass Flow Performance for Bioprocess & Bioreactor Applications


Premier Control Technologies continue their support of the Bio-Tech Industries and following extensive voice-of-the-customer research they are proud to announce the latest Alicat Scientific BIO- Series of Mass Flow Meters/Controllers where modern design and solid-state construction provide solutions for many applications.

Single Instrument for Reactor Gas Dosing


Alicat Scientific Mass Flow Controllers offer multiple parameter control and reporting in a single instrument; mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature are simultaneously visible via the on-board display and each have their individual output signal via the electronics interfaces.

Can you get something for nothing


Alicat mass flow controllers save customers money without sacrificing accuracy, reliability or fuctionality

2H Offshore use Alicat portable mass flow meters for annulus integrity testing

2H Offshore Logo

2H offshore are a global engineering contractor specialising in the design, structural analysis and integrity of riser and conductor systems. These are used in the drilling and production of offshore oil and gas.

Solid Drilled Thermowell

PCT Drilled from Solid Tapered Thermowell

Our range of thermowells which are solid drilled from bar stock come in many different lengths and are available with a variety of process connections

Status Instruments DM720 Loop Powered Panel Meter

Status DM720 Loop Powered Panel Meter

The Status Instruments DM720 is a compact loop powered indicator. Its small size is for panel cut-outs which are 48mm x 28mm.

The loop powered display has 4 digits and programming is via a push button setup.