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A Look at VEGA's plics® platform

VEGA believes that forward-looking measurement technology orientates itself around the people who use it. That’s why they developed plics® – the world’s first modular product system for instrumentation.

Now every one of their sensors is custom built on the plics® platform and thus Vega feel optimally fulfils the requirements of every industry and its specific applications.

Simpler planning with plics®

Being able to select and combine sensor, process fitting, electronics and housing without restrictions simplifies instrument selection and engineering for applications in machines and systems.

Clear advantages for plant construction

Short delivery times, uncomplicated connection and fastsetup and commissioning save the plant builder a lot of time and expense. Thanks to the plics® platform the configuration, wiring and setup of VEGA instruments will follow the same sequence ensuring user familiarity across the entire product range: Adjustment and instrument configuration always follows the same routine. The menu driven PLICSCOM software, allows settings and on-site adjustment with a PC or via the control room.

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