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Alicat: New MCD series mass flow controller

Saturday, May 7, 2014

The MCD series digital mass flow controller ensures precise and rapid control of the application mass or volumetric flow rate and pressure of process gases in two flow directions via the integral customized high-speed proportional control valves.

The dual-valve design pairs a dedicated inlet valve with a dedicated exhaust valve, allowing a single MCD to control upstream and downstream flows, as well as positive pressure or backpressure in both open and closed systems.

At the heart of Alicat’s MCD-Series mass flow controller s is a patented, internally compensated, laminar differential pressure measurement technology that yields linear results over a very wide flow range. This produces volumetric and mass flow data that is fully compensated for changes in pressure and temperature and corrected for the user’s STP. All mass flow instruments come with NIST-traceable calibration and a lifetime warranty.

Alicat MCD-Series mass flow controllers feature large integrated displays with user-accessible setpoint control and PID valve tuning without need for a computer. The MCD Series comes with 90+ selectable gas calibrations and both analogue and RS-232 digital communications. Extensive customizations are available, including ATEX ratings for use in hazardous environments. The series is also available with corrosion-resistant wetted materials (MCDS Series) or low pressure drop (MCDW Series).


MCD-Series bidirectional mass flow controllers are used in a variety of industries, from scientific research and gas analysis to leak testing and environmental monitoring. Dual valves, multi-variable measurement and control functionality, multiple gas calibrations and a 200:1 turndown ratio allow an MCD to be used as a universal control element, replacing several application-specific devices. Available 0.4% accuracy + 0.2% full-scale repeatability and

The MCD Series is available in full-scale mass flow rates from -0.5/+0.5 sccm to -3000/+3000 slpm.

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