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Alicat Whisper Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers Low Pressure

Monday, April 1, 2013

Alicat Scientific has recently launched a new line of mass flow meters and controllers to overcome the challenges of low pressure systems to deliver accurate metering and control.

Used in many process industries, the Whisper series saves time and money where low pressure differentials or exotic gases are present.

All Alicat meters and controllers are based on their patented laminar flow technology with results in fast and accurate responses.

The Whisper series also incorporates a very low differential pressure sensor and redesigned flow body to achieve a differential pressure range of 0.1 PSID to 2.0 PSID, depending of flow rate and configuration. Prior to Whisper series instruments, users relied or larger pumps or supply sources, higher feed pressure or the use of more bottled gas to overcome pressure drop requirements imposed by mass flow instruments.

The Whisper series is compatible with 90+ field selectable gases and gas mixes, Whisper flow meters and controllers can operate as standalone devices or integrate easily into process control instrumentation. In addition to mass flow, a single device quickly and accurately measures pressure, temperature and volumetric flow. For applications requiring precision gas flow control, Whisper series mass flow controllers deliver accurate flow regulation of gases with the ability to respond to upstream gas flow changes, attaining and maintaining flow setpoints in less than 100ms.

The Whisper series is manufactured by Alicat Scientific and is available in three different versions:

  • MW Series - Whisper series mass flow meter
  • MWB Series - Whisper series portable battery powered mass flow meter
  • MCW / MCRW Series - Whisper series mass flow controller for low and high flow applications (0.5 SCCM - 500 SLPM).

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