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Annual Calibration Explained

Monday, February 13, 2023

Annual recalibration retains your limited lifetime warranty

Your Alicat mass flow meter or controller should be recalibrated once per year to retain it’s limited lifetime warranty. Just check the sticker on the back to see when it’s due, along with a QR code to the PCT website where you can request a service quote.

Why is it important to recalibrate once a year?

Throughout the lifetime of your device, small particulates or physical changes inside the flow body can result in deviations from the original calibration curve. A recalibration service brings your instrument back up to its precision calibration specification.

What process do you take when recalibrating?

Before our experts begin a recalibration service, a thorough inspection is carried out to ensure all aspects of your device are in full working order. We check function of the LCD, buttons, analog signal, sensor health, connector threads and valve operation.

Readings are then logged alongside a high accuracy, NIST traceable transfer standard, which acts as our reference device throughout the service. If we see any deviation, gain and linearity are adjusted to bring each of the 4 test points back into spec. If we see larger deviations, then the flow channel is opened and checked for debris or fluids. If needed, the flow channel and Laminar Flow Elements are disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned to guarantee a known baseline.

Once the calibration curve has been adjusted, we run the 4 point log a final time. This produces a detailed calibration certificate, showing you both how your device was performing prior to service, as well as what you can expect from it going forward.

9 out of 10 damages can be repaired

Our service technicians are well trained, and 9 times out of 10 damages can be repaired. Once a repair report has been compiled, we’ll quote for the work needed on a zero inspection charge basis.

We can advise various methods of upgrades to your device

Multiple different upgrade or reconfiguration options are available, from firmware, to calibration standard, to valve size, re-range, or physical form; just ask at the time of enquiry and we’ll send you a quote.

How long does a service or recalibration take?

72hrs. We know there is rarely a convenient time to be without your equipment, which is why we work hard to ensure you can be back up and running when you need to be. PCT have continually invested over the years to expand our Alicat Approved Service Centre’s range and capacity, now stretching from Full Scale flow rates as small as 10 SCCM, all the way up to 500 SLPM. And for the few devices that fall outside this range; we act as your point of access to the global Alicat service network, facilitating fast, quality recalibrations as needed.

Get in touch for a quote of more information

Just email or call 01953 609930 and one of the team will send you a reference number, link to our RMA form, and a quote. All you have to do is send the device in and we’ll let you know when we receive it, along with when its on its way back. For more information see our Calibration and Service centre page.

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