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Control the flow rate of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injection into drink mixtures

Monday, February 7, 2022

Bottles to Pop

The customer enquired about a Coriolis mass flow controller.


Control the flow rate of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injection into drink mixtures.

Client parameters:

PCTWhich gas or gases will you be measuring?
PCTWhat is the maximum flow rate you are likely to measure?
Client100SLPM (11.88 kg/Hr)
PCTWhat is the supply (inlet) pressure?
Client50-70 BarG
PCTWhat is the pressure after the controller?
PCTWhat is the gas temperature?
PCTDo you have a preference for the output signals?
ClientModbus RTU over 232
PCTPreferred process connections (NPT or BSPP thread, compression fittings, VCR, etc)
Client¼" VCRM

A description of the operating process

CO2 is added to soft drinks for two main reasons; firstly because it acts as a preservative and secondly to give it that required fizzing sensation.

The process for CO2 injection involves chilling the syrup whilst introducing the gas at high pressure. This combination of low temperature and high pressure maximizes the CO2 absorption by the liquid.

Control the flow rate of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injection into drink mixtures using CODA Flow Controller
Flow chart showing the bottle filling process

The CODA Coriolis controller was perfect for this application due to four main reasons:

  1. Its tiny space envelope enabled the overall physical size of the machine to be minimised.
  2. Continuous high accuracy is maintained by its virtual insensitivity to transient vibrations.
  3. Its high pressure capability conforms to the application.
  4. A Coriolis sensor is ideal for the physical properties exhibited by CO2 whilst under high pressure.

The Part number quoted for this specific application was: KC-30K-5V-MODBUS-232-P1

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