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Fast Flow Control Using Alicat Instruments and a Backpressure Regulator

The combined specialities of two our partners has resulted in a product solution that truly extends the boundaries of what is possible within process control. By combining an Alicat CODA Coriolis device with an Equilibar dome loaded control valve it is now possible to fulfil extreme service applications. Some examples would be:

  • High line pressures
  • Very high differential pressure across the control device
  • High turn-down ratio whilst maintaining accuracy
  • Exotic materials for increased chemical compatibility
  • Control of supercritical fluids

Within the video a typical application within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is re-created to illustrate the extension of control limits. The wide turndown can deliver many blending recipes using the same stock concentrates for a range of final buffer preparations. Furthermore, the fast response time eliminates the wastage that usually occurs during the settling times required between dispensing step changes. Attaining the correct blend ratio is both rapid and consistent.

This solution can also be used within other control loops such as pH, temperature, conductivity, etc.