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FlowVision 2.0 Software

Monday, March 21, 2022

FlowVision 2.0™ provides Alicat Instrument users with a software system that is useable with flow and pressure instruments. The software connects to a device or multiple devices and allows the user to plot charts for flow and pressure. The data can be saved for future analysis by the end user.

FlowVision 2.0 - Interface
FlowVision 2.0 - Charts

The software is downloaded free of charge from The software is suitable for traditional Mass Flow Meters and Controllers and Pressure Meters and Pressure Controllers, the FlowVision 2.0 can also be integrated with CODA Coriolis Flow Meters and CODA Coriolis Flow Controllers.

Coriolis Technology at Alicat is seen as one of the most exciting areas for the future of Flow technology. The CODA Coriolis will give parameters of Volumetric Flow Mass Flow Temperature and Density of the fluid to the FlowVision 2.0 software. The software can then plot this against time. A totalizer could be incorporated for the Total Mass or Volumetric flow too.

Common uses for FlowVision 2.0

A typical use for FlowVision 2.0 is where a user may not have the budget or time to develop a software / PLC solution themselves. The Flow Vision is instantly available by simply downloading from the internet and is ready to use. Features that support the user are the plotting of multiple parameters at once, plotting from several devices at a time and the ability to write scripts to automatically control the entire device network for the full process.

The user of CODA Coriolis Technology Devices for users has some advantages over traditional Mass Flow Instrumentation, these are not limited to the increased pressure range for these devices, the excellent flow range of the devices and the ability to use on Liquids or Gases. Changing between fluids is a simple procedure or flowing the new fluid, shutting off the flow with the device full of the new fluid, tare and the device is set to perform at optimal measurement or control accuracy.

Growth in the H2 sector

The growth in the H2 sector has seen Coriolis Technology become a go to solution for a H2 Flow Meter. Typically H2 is used at higher pressures and the CODA with it’s ability to be used up to 4000PSIA allows the user the confidence that Alicat Coriolis Meters and Coriolis Controllers will perform excellent. The Coda offers 2 levels of accuracy in the standard and high accuracy models.

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