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HydraPro Flow Pressure Test Kit

Premier Control Technologies' very own HydraPro is the focus for product of the month in December. Our versatile test kit can be used on water or oil applications to measure both operating flow rates and working pressures.

The flow and pressure test kit is available with ¾” or 1” BSP process connections and can be used for flow rates of up to 100 Litres per Minute (LPM) and operating pressures of up to 15 bar.

Typically the HydraPro has a hose barb connector on the outlet for easy system integration, other process connections are available.

The integrated ball valve can be used to throttle flows within the process or to stop flow completely and accurately measure the system pressure.

Due to the design of the flow-meter and the internal spring the test kit can be used and operated in any orientation, making it easy to use test equipment.

The HydraPro water flow and pressure test kit is ideally suited for domestic and industrial water testing applications and sits within our Test Kit range of meters.

HydraPro is manufactured here at Premier Control Technologies and you can view our complete PCT range of products in one place.

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