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Introducing a Mini Coriolis solution for Liquid Flow Control

Accurate Flow Measurement and Control of fluids (Gas or Liquids) utilizing the Coriolis measurement technique is independent of the fluid properties. This well proven and long-established benefit is now enhanced by high accuracy Alicat CODA devices.

Combination of a Coriolis Meter or Controller with a Micro Gear Pump

Since their foundation some 30 years ago Alicat have specialised within the realm of Low Flow rates whilst Premier Control Technologies, their UK partners and colleagues, have a wealth of experience in supporting customers with both Mass and Volumetric flow requirements. We are excited to announce the latest product launch of the CODA Pump combination. Here the pump provides the flow and pressure needs of the application and the Alicat CODA Device verifies and adjusts the flow to meet the demanding high accuracy specifications of dosing systems.

Combination of a Coriolis Meter or Controller with a Micro Gear Pump

Combination of a Coriolis Meter or Controller with a Micro Gear Pump

The Coriolis CODA and Pump Combination can provide accurate Dosing of batches, continuous flow to a process, both tailor-made by simply selecting your desired total dose and/or specific flow rate each time. The device software allows for simple changes by the user thus delivering a very versatile, highly accurate flow solution. The CODA PUMP Solution allows the user to change flow, fluid and dosed amount very easily. Simply tare the device after changing fluids and it is ready and as accurate as it was when it was delivered.

The Alicat CODA has an integrated PID controller, comes complete on a base plate with all inter-connecting pipework, such that you can simply connect the inlet to your liquid vessel (liquid storage container) and the outlet to the onward process and all is done! Power up and use with FlowVision 2.0 or your own PLC controlled system.

Applications are numerous from:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Petrochemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fuel Cell
  • Automotive Research and Testing
  • Aerospace and Space
  • Laboratory
  • University Research Departments
  • The list truly is endless...

Wherever there is a requirement for low flow (300Kg/hr or lower) coupled with high accuracy and high repeatability then CODA Devices are your ideal solution.

Recap of features:

  • High Pressure: CODA high pressure option is capable of handling up to 4000PSIA that's 275Bar!
  • Aggressive fluids: CODA can be selected with Nickel Alloy materials of construction.
  • Ingress Protection: CODA Series are IP40 as standard or for more challenging environments there are higher rated IP67 models.
  • Software: Alicat FlowVision 2.0 Free to download.
  • High repeatability: Repeatability from ±0.05% of reading or ±0.025% of full scale, whichever is greater.
  • High Accuracy: Liquid Accuracy from ±0.2% of reading or ±0.05% of full scale, whichever is greater.
  • Small Footprint: 108mm in height, 102mm width and just 28.5mm depth.

The CODA Meter and Controller we offer

Priced from £1550 - offers ±0.6% of reading and repeatability to ±0.1% of reading

Priced from £1999 - available full scale ranges: 40 g/h to 100 kg/h

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