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December 2013

King 7710 Series Steel Tubed Rotameter Flow Meter

The King 7710 series features an all 316L Stainless steel construction and wetted parts. It has a float and tapered tubed (rotameter) design which offers longer, more linear scales, better pointer stability and 40% greater accuracy than competitively priced products.

Connections available are threaded or flanged, all in 316L stainless steel.

The meter is available with transmitter and alarm options where required.

The 7710 series can be used with liquids and gases with typical flow range from 130 litres per hour up to 1700 litres per minute for liquids and 4 to 100 SCFM for gases.

Typical accuracy is ± 3% of Full Scale Flow, temperature ratings are available up to 204C and pressure ratings to 80 Bar.

The 7710 series is manufactured by the King Instrument Company

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