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Monitoring the flow of drinking water at a football stadium

Monday, 18th December 2023

Badger Meter have been fortunate enough to support the continuous advancement in sustainability of the Lusail Stadium, which was the stage for the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar

Sustainability was a key point due to this being the biggest of all the world cup football stadiums, seating up to 80,000 members of the public - the Stadium that hosted the opening ceremony, majority of the games, and then the closing ceremony for the football tournament in 2022.

Collecting data on the integrity of water for the masses

As Qatar has a climate that is warm and dry - along with the little available groundwater, the water demands are managed by desalinating seawater, making limited resource especially valuable in the area.

It is incredibly vital to measure the demands of water in these lucrative public areas. This is to maintain and ensure the system integrity thus preventing and detecting any leakages or inefficiencies.

As water and energy costs have increased, these now need to be monitored more closely in public areas like stadiums. Collecting this data has increasingly become more important than ever, providing guidance on upcoming projects.

The client approached the company to figure out the best flow meter to continuously monitor the chilled water usage. The local Badger meter distributor recommended the Dynasonic® TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters and by their knowledge and recommendation, installed over one hundred devices to maintain and monitor the water usage.

The Dynasonic TFX-5000 offered the solution

The client contacted Badger to discover the key solution to monitoring cool potable water and its consumption. By using the local distributor of Badger (based in Dubai), more than one hundred TFX-5000 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters were installed by the local engineers within the Lusail Stadium.

Using the non-invasive clamp on technology, it was simple to install the ultrasonic flowmeters and operate without any downtime required. Due to how the technology works and where it was installed means the devices will be suitable for long-term monitoring of the water usage.

With how the transducers have been designed there are three different ways to install the clamp on flow transducer, the ‘W, Z and V’ formations; due to the different pipes used all three formations were used for ease and accuracy. As the transducers are non-invasive and have no mechanical parts, maintenance and repairs are kept low for the duration of the device's life - leading to minimal additional costs.

Given this ultrasonic flowmeter has so many options and variations it can be a bespoke solution to many applications that require the volumetric flow or totalised flow to be known. As the device clamps on to the pipe work it can measure many different fluids from potable water to liquids with particulates and slurries.

In addition to the flowmeters being versatile in media and pipe configuration, you can also use the Badger meter software for additional configuration, support and as an output.


By using the local support and the Dynasonic TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, the Stadium now has a reliable, repeatable and accurate way to measure flow - allowing water consumption to be adequately monitored.

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