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Overcoming Peristaltic Pump Limitations with a Flow Meter-Pump System

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Key benefits of a flow meter-pump system

  • Removes the need for re-calibration
  • Increases accuracy and saves expensive reagents
  • Avoids unnecessary peristaltic pump tubing failure and costly downtime

One of the main advantages of using peristaltic pumps is that nothing, but the peristaltic tubing is in contact with the fluid; this eliminates the risk of the fluid becoming contaminated.

A peristaltic pump is engineering biomimicry at it is best.

The challenge we face with peristaltic pumps

They do however come with a slight drawback.

The exact (highly accurate) flow rate of a peristaltic pump cannot be determined just by the tubing type, size, and rotor speed. It can only be estimated.

Numerous factors including the back pressure, variation of the suction conditions and fluid viscosity have a significant influence on the obtained flow rate.

Most importantly, due to the mechanical action, the tubing wears over time. This leads to a drop-off in the volume dispensed and a recalibration must be implemented to maintain the required accuracy of the dispensed volume.

Peristaltic Pump Tubing Flow Drop
Peristaltic Pump Tubing Flow Drop

Achieving accuracy and repeatability

A combination of an Alicat Coriolis flow meter with a built in PID controller, regulating a Longer peristaltic pump creates an accurate and repeatable dispensing system, with up to 0.5% variation/repeatability and most importantly eliminates the need for recalibration.

We offer such flow control systems which includes a touch screen, data logging, online monitoring and clamp on ultrasonic flow sensors.

By acquiring this complete peristaltic pump dispensing system from PCT will save you time and most importantly get a proven and tested solution.

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