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Alicat BB9 Accessory

Alicat BB9 accessory USB Multi-Drop

The recently redesigned Alicat BB9 multi connection box now features both a RS-232 and USB 2.0 connection. The BB9 multi-drop box allows for up to nine Alicat devices to be connected via one connection, and BB9s can even be connected together so a network of up to 26 devices can exist.

HydraPro Flow Pressure Test Kit

Water Flow Pressure Test Kit

Premier Control Technologies' very own HydraPro is the focus for product of the month in December. Our versatile test kit can be used on water or oil applications to measure both operating flow rates and working pressures.

Barksdale BPS3000 series pressure switch


The Barksdale series BPS3000 is an electronic pressure switch which offers an analogue output and up to two switched outputs whilst having a local display to view the process pressure.

King rotameters used in biostore process to monitor air flow

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PCT were contacted recently by one of the country’s leading refrigeration companies to identify an affordable instrument to monitor the airflow in a dry air system that formed part of an automated Biostore.

Vega Puls 62 radar for liquids


The Vega Puls 62 is a universally implementable radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids. It is suitable for level measurement in storage containers, reactor and process vessels, even under difficult process conditions. ​The Puls 62 is available with various different antenna and materials, making it suitable for almost all applications and processes.

Fast mass flow control for automotive catalyst testing

Alicat MCR Mass Flow Controller

As a manufacturer of catalyst testing and aging equipment, Catagen Ltd plays a significant role in the worldwide reduction of automobile emissions. The company’s testing equipment relies upon the high accuracy and fast response of Alicat mass flow controllers. In his own words, here is Catagen’s CEO, Dr. Andrew Woods.

Smart C+ Water Meters

Cold Water Single Jet Smart Meter

The Smart C+ cold water meter is a single-jet vane wheel meter which is packed full of features and has been designed for precise measurement within your water delivery system or sub-metering network. A radio module can easily be installed into the water meter which allows for quick and easy remote reading of indicators. The Smart C+ meter is MID approved to the value of R = 160 (Former C Class).

PT100's from PCT

PCT PT100 RTD with Terminal Head and Male Instrument Connection

PT100's or platinum resistance thermometers from PCT come in all shapes and sizes. We offer many types of temperature probes, thermowells and transmitters and often from stock. This month we focus on our PT100 temperature probes with terminal head and instrument connection. PT100's are used in many different types of process and industry, we have many different options depending on your requirements.

King 7440 Series Rotameter

King Instruments 7440 Series Rotameter

The King 7440 series flowmeter builds on the 7430 series to offer a more economical low flow metering solution. Suited to purge metering and chemical dosing applications, the 7440 series rotameter offers a Borosilicate Kinglass metering tube and stainless steel. Internal components vary dependant on flow rate and may include 316L stainless steel, black glass, sapphire, Carboloy or tantalum. The 7440 is only available with ¼” NPTF connections with the option of 316L Stainless Steel or PVDF fitting materials.

SEM206 In-Head Temperature Transmitter

Status SEM206P In Head Temperature Transmitter

Our SEM206 series is our low cost, entry level PC programmable temperature transmitter. We off three versions for Pt100, Thermocouple and Thermistor inputs. It will convert the sensor output to a standard industrial (4 to 20) mA transmission signal.