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Flow Turbines for Liquids from PCT


Premier Control Technology’s range of turbines can be used for a wide range of applications with many different types of liquids. The LX range of turbines are manufactured right here in the UK, they are built from Stainless Steel and offer a wide choice of threaded, flanged or tri-clamp process connections.

Alicat: New MCD series mass flow controller

Alicat: New MCD series mass flow controller

The MCD series digital mass flow controller ensures precise and rapid control of the application mass or volumetric flow rate and pressure of process gases in two flow directions via the integral customized high-speed proportional control valves.

Mass Flow Meters in Nuclear Leak Rate Monitoring

Mass Flow Meters in Nuclear Leak Rate Monitoring

This month’s news article is an extract taken directly from the Alicat blog, “Alicats in the Wild” which highlights Graftel, LLC, in a common Alicat OEM application – leak testing – but one that is nestled within the highly demanding and rigorous world of nuclear regulation.

PCD-Series Dual-Valve Pressure Controllers


Alicat's PCD-Series dual-valve pressure controller incorporates a second proportional control valve at its outlet to vent excess pressure. The PCD maintains a stable pressure through the central process port to the closed volume under test.

Vacuum Coating with Pressure Control

Vacuum Coating with Pressure Control

An Alicat Pressure Controller with an External Sensor is used to control the pressure of a vacuum coating process chamber by controlled introduction of argon gas.

Sonic Pro Hybrid Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Flow Meter


This January sees Premier Control Technologies introduce back into our product offerings a range of Ultrasonic, non-invasive flow meters for use with Liquids and we now look in detail at the S3 model.

King 7710 Series Steel Tubed Rotameter Flow Meter


The King 7710 series features an all 316L Stainless steel construction and wetted parts. It has a float and tapered tubed (rotameter) design which offers longer, more linear scales, better pointer stability and 40% greater accuracy than competitively priced products.

ClearView Low Cost Variable Area Flow Meter


The ClearView flow meter is a low cost in-line variable area flow meter for use with liquids (water and hydraulic oils).

Alicat Whisper Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers Low Pressure

Alicat MW Whisper Series Mass Flow Meter for Low Pressure Drop Applications with Colour TFT display

Alicat Scientific has recently launched a new line of mass flow meters and controllers to overcome the challenges of low pressure systems to deliver accurate metering and control.

Faster Leak Checking with Alicat Mass Flow Meters and Pressure Controllers

Faster Leak Checking with Alicat Mass Flow Meters and Pressure Controllers

Many processes require a fast, accurate and reliable method for leak checking components. This can be accomplished by utilizing an Alicat Scientific M Series mass flow meter sized appropriately for the expected leak rate and an Alicat Scientific PC3 Series remote sensing pressure controller sized for the required pressure.