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Thursday, May 18, 2023

How to select an instrument for an OEM Application?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) often need devices in high quantities that may also need to be cost efficient and sometimes smaller than a standard model. Premier Control Technologies (PCT) have several solutions that are already used for these purposes. Here we will concentrate on mass flow instruments within the latest PCT portfolio.

Qualities of a solid partnership

Suppliers must have a very flexible approach to supporting OEM’s, we understand pricing is crucial in these applications, and margins must be minimal to meet these goals, however this must not detract from the quality of the instrument, the specifications, and the delivery times as these all need to be in accordance with the OEM’s individual needs.

There is a need to consider a supplier with a local service centre

Deciding on the best supplier is a decision made on balance, where the supplier is assessed for their knowledge on the product, the supplier's reliability, long term delivery needs, future increases in quantity of parts required must be able to be accommodated without delays. “Nice to haves” and sometimes “Essential” is a Service department in the OEM’s Country of manufacturer, the global presence of Service centres is a real advantage when the OEM product is delivered globally. Customer support is essential, especially on initial start-up and as the business grows time, of response and solving a problem is crucial in maintaining the OEM’s reputation of excellence.

PCT’s in-house Alicat approved service centre

Premier Control Technologies have an Alicat approved service centre, with the Alicat global network of distributors there are numerous Alicat approved services centres around the world on all continents and extensively throughout Europe.

Our in-house service department and internal sales and external sales team all contribute to the smooth running of a customer experience, the customer comes first, and we engage openly via visits, phone, various video call options and online chat. PCT have direct contact with the manufacturers such as Alicat where it is common for joint visits of senior Alicat staff and PCT UK employees to visit an OEM together to get the customers ideal solution and work together for the best outcome.

Looking specifically at OEM Mass Flow instruments

Having stated PCT have solutions, let’s take a look through what we can offer to OEM’s in terms of mass flow instrumentation.

All Alicat Instruments are available in higher quantities at the same specifications offered for individual instrument purchases, this gives the OEM full access to the existing range, manuals, data sheets and support. PCT also have a UK based Alicat approved service centre, external staff that can visit you and in house technical support.

In additional to the full range stated Alicat offer the BASIS, a MEMS sensor for mass flow measurement and mass flow control in a miniature foot print. 50 off instruments is the requested minimum order quantity.

Video: Alicat's BASIS™ OEM Gas Mass Flow Controllers

Mass flow instruments for Higher accuracy and Corrosive gas requirements

Should the OEM need high accuracy, special communication protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET etc then Alicat M or MC Mass Flow Meters or Controllers will fit ever the highest of customer requirements. Corrosive gases do not pose a concern to Alicat’s MS or MCS series of meters and controllers.

Mass Flow Controllers with built in display, OEM customers may prefer a no display option as the device is hidden inside a casing.

Suitable for aggressive gas applications like NH3, SO2, H2S and SiH4.

Options available for your OEM device

Versatility in a product is crucial. An example could be the display on a device, why pay for a display if it is not going to be used or seen. Flow direction left to right or right to left, electrical connections D Sub 9 or 15 pin, mini-Din 8 Pin, RJ45 to name a few, ingression protection ratings IP40 upwards, comms signals from traditional analog (4-20mA or 0-5V etc) to digital options: RS232 or RS485 to the ever-growing bus protocols of PROFINET, EtherCAT or DeviceNet to name a few of the options.

Why choose PCT as your OEM supplier?

PCT work with many manufacturers, PCT are an experienced company with many years of expertise in flow and pressure, the range of meters and controllers offer a greater range than any individual manufacturer can accommodate. Where process conditions such as pressure, flow range and the operating environment, combined with size and cost to make solutions by an individual manufacturer stretch beyond it’s capability, PCT have strategic partnerships with other suppliers such as LINE TECH to meet your demanding applications.

Line Tech Mass Flow Controller a specialist manufacturer used in the semi conductor industry.

Line Tech Digital Thermal Mass Flow Controllers

View the Line Tech Digital Thermal Mass Flow Controllers

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