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Portable Ultra Sonic Energy Meters

Monday, September 1, 2014

This September our product of the month is going to a new addition, we recently added to our Non-Invasive Ultra Sonic flow meter range a Portable Energy meter.

The DeltawaveC from PCT allows for a complete non-invasive, non-contacting flow and energy measurement system which is portable and offers a battery life of up to 5 hours.

The DeltawaveC has three main flow transducers options which offer flow measurements on small (DN10 .. DN100), medium (DN32 .. DN400) and large pipe sizes (DN200 .. DN6000).

Each transducer may be connected to the portable flow meter to give an instantaneous flow reading. Setup is easy thanks to the large backlit QVGA and quick start guide.

If an energy measurement is required then simply connect the temperature sensors to the flow and return pipes and the Deltawave C will calculate the energy value.

The portable clamp on flow meter comes in a case to hold all the equipment together in one place. We can even offer a wall thickness gauge for added precision when a pipe wall thickness is not known.

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