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Tuesday, October 4, 2023

Premier Control Technologies (PCT) were established in 1991 and today have over 30 years in the Gas and Liquid Instrumentation sectors. PCT are distributors for many global leading brands of instrumentation in Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity, due to this diverse range we are in a unique position to offer these in a system. PCT has a wealth of experience in these fields of instrumentation and many of our customers do not have facilities, time, experience and tooling to integrate instruments into a system. PCT can support customers through this stage by offering a systems building service.

Our partnerships with our specialist integrators, extensive experience and unbound level of delivering quality customer service is what sets us apart

Located at the Hethel Engineering Centre, which is a business dedicated to supporting the growth and success of high-performance engineering and manufacturing companies and individuals. PCT has two facilities at this location firstly our main office a centre of activity of Engineers supporting customers with the ideal instrumentation for their process requirements and a second ground floor Laboratory for our UK Calibration centre.

Our experience in instrumentation and partnerships with specialist integrators allows for a simple process of instrument selection, design, and production all through your trusted partner PCT. Complete solutions from PCT are achieved with our distributor network for a range of leading manufacturers. Integrating instruments into a solution to allow you time to carry on in your everyday activities while we produce your application requirements.

PCT works with all industries using Liquid and Gas

PCT works with any industry using Liquid and Gas. Examples include Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Fuel Cell, Education, Government, Food and Beverage and Aerospace simply if you use Gas or Liquid we have the instrumentation to measure it. Measure Flow Rate, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity.

PCT Services:

  • Consultation
  • Instrument Selection
  • Design
  • Manufacture of the System
  • Leak Testing
  • Delivery

PCT system examples include:

System examples:

An example showing the Pressure control of a chambre with different gas types:

Pressure control of a chambre with different gas types

Pressure control of a chambre with different gas types

An example of a typical Batching set-up:

Pressure control of a chambre with different gas types

A typical Batching set-up

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If you have any questions about your current system, or guidance on building a new system please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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