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PT100's from PCT

PT100's or platinum resistance thermometers from PCT come in all shapes and sizes. We offer many types of temperature probes, thermowells and transmitters and often from stock. This month we focus on our PT100 temperature probes with terminal head and instrument connection. PT100's are used in many different types of process and industry, we have many different options depending on your requirements.

Our PT100's can come with many types of accuracy class including class B, class A, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN or 1/10 DIN; and are available in either 2, 3 or 4 wire variants.

Terminal heads are available in many materials and commonly include KNE aluminium alloy, plastic, cast, nylon, ABS or 316 Stainless Steel.

Probe diameters are available from 3mm and upwards and lengths to suit your application with typical operating ranges of -50°C to +250°C.

There are many options from process connections including flanged or threaded, please ask us as we offer many variants and can quote to your requirements.

All our temperature probes are manufacured in house to your specification, we also have other products under the Premier Control Technologies brand and we have a complete range of temperature products.