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Single-Use Technology has revolutionised the sector's production processes

Monday, April 17, 2023

Why go Single-Use?

Single-use supplies can provide the same quality as reusable devices without the additional cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Ultimately, users will see continued savings after making the switch to single-use systems.

Single-use systems are designed for use for the duration of the production process of a single batch of therapeutics and then discarded. In the last few decades the Biopharma market has undergone unprecedented changes. Single-Use Technology has revolutionised the sector's production processes by providing the operational flexibility required for a fast-moving market and shortening the time to market.

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PCT specialise in Single-use systems

PCT have single-use solutions within the following:

Single-use Ultrasonic Flowmeters


Our disposable single use flowmeters are designed for a fast and easy exchange of the wetted parts. These solutions are very affordable as the housing, including sensor electronics, can be re-used and only the wetted parts will be exchanged. Despite the term "disposable single use", these flowmeters are mechanically the same as the standard series flowmeters and are therefore suitable for long-term use, providing high accuracy. The disposable single use flowmeters are available in PVDF material (suitable for gamma irradiation) or PFA material (chemical resistant). A complete validation package is also available.

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Flow controllers

Single-Use Flow Control

There are two methods to control the flow within single-use systems:

  1. Flow control utilizing a feedback loop to directly control the speed of a dedicated pump. A simple design incorporating a feedback controller with touchscreen and intuitive user interface. The inputs for two flowmeters and two pumps makes the Flow-Connect both more cost effective and particularly useful for mixing applications.

  2. Flow control utilizing a control valve. Of particular interest when the process is subject to varying conditions and will benefit from the resulting system stability and for sensitive processes with highest demands in flow control. PCT offer an integrated solution of a Flowmax® flowmeter coupled to an Equilibar single use valve controlled by a matched PID loop.

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Back pressure controllers

Control Valves

Our single-use pressure control valves are used when it is crucial for the effectiveness of the process or for the protection of the media (e.g. stem cells) or perhaps when a simplified plant design is required. Equilibar offers a line of products designed to accommodate the rapidly expanding single use technology (SUT) field in the biopharmaceutical industry. Single use systems (SUS) require lower cost components that can be sterilized through irradiation and disposed of after their useful life. The Equilibar® dome loaded multi-orifice valve technology is now available in a single use format. The patent pending Equilibar® SD series back pressure regulators and flow control valves are manufactured using USP Class VI polymers and stainless steel. The disposable valve body made of polymer is inserted into a stainless steel support housing with wing nut closure for quick and easy assembly. The Equilibar single use valve for bioprocessing systems is a revolutionary design in single use pressure control.

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Tube sets

Single-Use Tubing and Tube-Sets

PCT tubing is available rapidly and is often ex-stock. Our tube sets are assembled as single-use components that ensure a sterilized fluid flow of pharmaceutical products. The exact composition is almost endless given the variety of tubings, connectors, fittings, filters, etc. although our team of engineers will work with you to design to your exact requirements.

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Single-Use applications include:

  • Filling
  • Dosing
  • Liquid Transfer
  • Filtration Pressure Control
  • Pressure Control for Single-Use Bags

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