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Smart C+ Water Meters

The Smart C+ cold water meter is a single-jet vane wheel meter which is packed full of features and has been designed for precise measurement within your water delivery system or sub-metering network. A radio module can easily be installed into the water meter which allows for quick and easy remote reading of indicators. The Smart C+ meter is MID approved to the value of R = 160 (Former C Class).

The Smart C+ range is available in either ½” or ¾” BSPM with union connections with Q1 flow rates from 0.025 m³/hr and Q4 flow rates up to 4 m³/hr. Cold water meter maximum temperatures are up to 50°c and we have hot water meters also which are available for use up to 90°c.

Every meter within the range features a hermatic counter which is resistant to misting up and can be fully rotated through 360°.

Additional features also include:

  • BS5728, ISO4064 conformity
  • Adjustable rotary index
  • Pulsed output options
  • Horizontal mounting all JS range class c
  • Vertical mounting all JS range class c

The Smart C+ meter is manufactured by Apator and we also have a complete range of water meters for use with hot and cold water for different application and pipe sizes.