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Sonic Pro Hybrid Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Flow Meter

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This January sees Premier Control Technologies introduce back into our product offerings a range of Ultrasonic, non-invasive flow meters for use with Liquids and we now look in detail at the S3 model.

All Sonic Pro models offer the following common specification:

  • User Selectable Doppler or Transit Time operation
  • Non-Invasive, clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducers
  • Pipe sizes from ½" up to 100"
  • Backlit, QVGA Display
  • IP66 enclosure
  • 4–20 mA and frequency 0–1000 Hz (flow rate) outputs
  • On board data-logging via a removable SD memory card
  • Universal Power supply 95–264 VAC or 15–30 VDC
  • Portable carry case
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

On top of this excellent specification, the S3 model also features a fully user programmable display. The display may be used to change application parameters such as pipe size, volumetric units, display language (choose from English, Spanish, French or German) or output spans.

The S3 model will save up to 5 sets of application parameters. The large backlit display will show instantaneous flow readings as well as totalised flow. All Sonic Pro models also have the option to add either external communications or process control outputs. External communications supports RS-232, RS485, USB and Ethernet Connections. Process Control outputs supports three independently configurable 10 amp Form C, NO/NC relays. These can be configured for high/low/range rate alarms or for batching / totalised flow operations.

The Sonic Pro S3 can be used witha variety of different transducer types for different pipes sizes and applications.

The Sonic Pro range of clamp-on ultra sonic flow meter is manufactured by Blue-White Industries and is available in three different versions:

  • Sonic Pro S1 - Clamp on ultra-sonic flow meter, blind version without display
  • Sonic Pro S2 - Clamp on ultra-sonic flow meter with local display showing flow rate and total
  • Sonic Pro S3 - Clamp on ultra-sonic flow meter with local display and user keypad for user programming access

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