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The Benefits of Coriolis Meter-Pump Systems Compared to Legacy Solutions

Monday, May 16, 2022

When it comes to non-pressurized systems, there is rarely a clear-cut answer as to which pump type is going to be best suited for any given application. Each have their own limitations, be it in batch or continuous processes. Gravity pumps are rarely automated, limiting the ease of adjusting future configurations. Syringe pumps are quick and easy to use but can’t accommodate larger batches thanks to their fixed volume. And whilst Peristaltic pumps are excellent at maintaining purity, their pulsating flow can severely impact processes where repeatability is paramount.

But what if there were a solution; one that could give you the best of all 3, whilst mitigating each of their downsides? What would that look like?

It would look eerily like Alicat’s brand new CODA Coriolis Meter-Pump System.

How Does it work?

A CODA Coriolis Meter-Pump system is comprised of:

  1. A Gear Pump, with variable speed control.
  2. A downstream CODA Coriolis Flow Meter feeding back an analog valve drive signal to the pump.
  3. And a Bypass Valve smoothing out the flow, and extending the operating range of the pump by recirculating excess back into the system upstream of the pump.

What are the benefits?

A system like this works around many of the limitations considered earlier, and even provides further features previously unavailable.

Since it doesn’t require pressurised fluids or gravity to generate flow, it can easily fit into compact setups or existing systems. The highly accurate (±0.02% of full scale) CODA Coriolis meter, allows for smooth and precise flow throughout the extended range of the pump. The wide range of communication protocols and built in PID loop mean there’s no need for clunky, complex PLCs. And with Totaliser and Alarm functionality coming as standard, users can easily set automatic shutoffs, or record flow rates over time.

The CODA Coriolis Meter Pump System - Video demonstration

A CODA Coriolis Meter-Pump solution takes the best of existing fluid transfer systems and makes them even better. CODA meters can even be adapted to work with existing syringe or peristaltic pumps, to further improve your current setup.

Contact a PCT Sales Engineer today to discuss things further.

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