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Monday, 10th June 2024

A great many of industrial processes and research centre applications depend upon highly accurate, repeatable and reproducible mixtures of gases. More often than not, and certainly historically, the huge importance of the required precision results in the decision to use pre-mix cylinders. This makes complete sense when a single blend or composition is required, however, when multiple or variable blends are required the cost and the practicality can become prohibitive. Such applications therefore require an exceptionally good Gas Mixer – and Fusion Flow Technologies have the exact solution.

Fusion Flow MXM Precision Gas Mixers
Fusion Flow MXM Precision Gas Mixer

Brief Specification Overview

The following is based on configurations already built, however, bespoke designs are always welcome.

  • on demand gas mixtures with flow or pressure priority
  • up to 10 gas inputs
  • flow rates from 100 sccm through to 5000 SLPM
  • 0.6% accuracy
  • ultra-fast step change response (~ 25 ms)
  • 49 selectable pure gases
  • user configurable software to create mixes of up to 5 of these pure gases
  • 10.1” IPS QLED capacitive multi-touch hardened glass display
  • 64-bit quad-core ARM processor
  • extensive network OIT integration with MQTT communication
Fusion Flow MXM Precision - Front view
Fusion Flow MXM Precision - Rear view

Various Form-Factors Are Available

  • Turnkey

    A plug-and-play complete gas mixing lab all in a box. Internally housed mass flow controllers are mounted upon a stainless steel modular manifold with all ports and connections facing the rear. 2 – 6 gas inputs, 100 sccm – 100 SLPM full scale ranges.
  • Benchtop

    Built for applications requiring more than 6 feed sources or higher per channel flow rates. The MFC’s are plumbed externally within the process pipework whilst all other functions remain within the housing. 2 – 10 gas inputs, 100 sccm – 5000 SLPM full scale ranges.
  • Rackmount

    An industrial form factor that takes the concept of the Benchtop MXM but now within a 19” 4U rack-mounted enclosure.
  • Customer Driven

    Rather than supplying one of our own existing designs we would be delighted to collaborate to produce whatever is required for any given situation. Commonly this might be stack-mounted, base-plate mounted or perhaps even loose components that can be installed in the most efficient manner.

Industries and Applications

Our gas mixing solutions can be applied within a great many industries with the list being almost endless. Of particular note, however, are the Food, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and the many Original Equipment Manufacturers. Applications are equally numerous with just a few examples being:

  • Gas Sensor Calibration
  • Fuel Cell Testing
  • Precision Bio- Processes
  • Welding Gas
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Controlled Atmosphere Storage
  • Glass Fibre Manufacturing
  • Surface Coating
  • H2 in Natural Gas Research
  • Glove Box Atmosphere Control
  • Laser Gases


Fusion Flow gas mixers represent a technological leap for industry, offering unprecedented control and precision within gas blending processes. Their application directly contributes to elevating both quality standards in manufactured product and the outcome from essential research whilst decreasing waste, costs and H&S risks

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