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Unrivalled Liquid Flow Control from CODA Coriolis Meters

Tuesday, 26th September 2023

Coriolis Mass Flow Control of Liquids, to accurately dose to a desired Mass of Liquid - can be acheieved with the combination of a Gear Pump and a Coriolis meter with on board PID control, this will give a system the best accuracy and usability.

PCT has the experise to spec your flow control application

Accurate Flow Control of fluids is a requirement across many industries and research projects throughout the world. Automation is a requirement well known these days and finding a solution has never been easier with the internet, where do you begin your search for a liquid flow controlling solution. At PCT we have the expertise to help. Having defined the need for accurate automatic liquid dosing, our team are available by phone, MicrosoftTeams, site visits. Simply communicate with PCT however you wish to progress your project with us. We will take your process requirements and engineer a solution for you.

As experts in flow control we can decide on the solution based on the process details, industry requirements and materials of construction for the specific fluid to be used.

Why do we suggest the CODA Pump?

Here we will cover Alicat’s CODA and Pump, this is a Coriolis Meter (CODA) and a Gear Pump. The Fluid held in a vessel at atmospheric pressure will be pumped using the gear pump, this in turn passes the liquid through the meter. You will have already pre-defined your ideal flow rate as a set point to the meter through a PLC or Alicat free software. The Meter will ensure the flow rate is precise as it talks to the pump and accurately defines it’s rpm. The desired batch dose will have been entered into the system the meter will count the totalised flow and compare this to the batch dose quantity. When approaching the dose required it will slow down the pump to precise meet the target amount. The process can be automated to repeat a next fill.

Alicat CODA Meters are available with various flow rates, from 0.08g/hour to 300Kg/hr. Using the appropriate pump for the fluid (viscosity and Density are considered) and the desired flow rate results in Alicat matching the correct Meter and the Correct Pump for the application.

Alicat prides itself on being the fastest Mass Flow Company in the World. Put PCT to the test your Alicat specialist for the UK. We aim to be the first to quote, first for delivery and best in class for performance.

Alicat CODA a minature Coriolis solution for Liquid Flow Control: Combination of a Coriolis Meter or Controller with a Micro Gear Pump.

A combination of a coriolis meter and gear pump
The Coriolis meter and gear pump

Examples of where CODA could be used:

  • Chemical industry in mixing chemicals from storage vessels to the finished product dosing several different fluids at the same time.
  • Adding a Liquid flavour/ nutrients, colourings to food or drinks.
  • Adding a lubricant or additive to a larger liquid vessel.
  • Bio reactor/ Pharma accurate dosing of expensive fluids to minimalise cost and control the batch consistently to the Standard operating procedures.

Video demonstration - explaining how CODA Coriolis Technology works

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