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Leak Detection

In its simplest form we have been involved with controlling the flow for Helium Leak Checking and controlling pressures for Pressure Decay Tests. More commonly, however, we provide solutions for Faster Leak Checking with combinations of constant pressure, variable flow and/or constant flow, variable pressure depending on the application in question.

Advantages of the Alicat product range include:

  • Alicat offer the lowest measurable flow rate on the market (0.0025 ml/min) for extremely fine leak rate measurement.
  • Laminar Flow Element measurement technique rather than a Thermal sensor. Thermal sensors suffer from signal “foldover” whereby a high flow rate (for example as a result of catastrophic failure of the device being leak tested) actually cools the thermal sensor and gives a false low output. This could result in a failed component actually being passed as acceptable.
  • Remote porting can be designed to include multiple test points within the one device.

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