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Carbon Capture

Global climate change is strongly influenced by the amount of Carbon in the atmosphere. Decades of industrial and individual use of fossil fuels have increases the Carbon levels effecting the atmosphere concentration of Carbon. Carbon capture can reduce the amount of carbon being added to the growing levels. It can even be used to “clean up” the existing levels of carbon already emitted to the atmosphere.

Currently research is growing rapidly in techniques to achieve carbon capture / carbon reduction long term. Unfortunately with research we have to start from the beginning and increase efficiency with more research over time. The drive to succeed is very much a global effort with Universities, Governments and the private sector all seeing this as a great opportunity to develop more efficient solutions and discover new pioneering solutions.

Carbon Taxes have resulted in the emitters of Carbon to look for solutions to avoid hefty charges.

Example’s of Carbon Capture solutions

Combustion and Storage

Taking Combustion of Fossil fuels as the main emission of Carbon there are 3 ways to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

  1. Post combustion Carbon capture. Scrubber, to clean up the exhaust gas emitted after a combustion process. Such as Hot Potassium Carbonate using inorganic toxic free solvents capture Carbon Dioxide from flowing gas in flues.
  2. Pre Combustion Carbon capture, allows for removal of the Carbon Dioxide before it reaches the final combustion stage. This is by capturing the Carbon dioxide by partial burning to produce a synthetic gas. The CO2 can then be extracted and is often used for fertilizer or power.
  3. Storage of Carbon by alternative Combustion techniques with Oxygen instead of Air. This produces a purer gas, the gas now mostly being CO2. Combustion particles and water are removed, leaving the higher concentration CO2 gas which can then be stored often in deep caverns underground.

Biological Carbon Capture

  1. Increasing Forest areas, plants and trees pull the Carbon from the atmosphere and store it within there structure, certain plants and trees are more effective at this process.
  2. Algae carbon consumption is an area of research that looks promising to consume carbon from the atmosphere much the same as the plants and trees example above. This can then be used for biofuels and fertilizers.

Finally Giant Filters

Passing the Air through giant filters can capture impurities including Carbon, these would be high energy to force the air though these filers, using green energy such as solar they can run seamlessly with excellent carbon reduction. Filter design is crucial to allow for the optimum capture of carbon. The Carbon is then concentrated and stored or converted to useful products.

Enhanced Rock Weathering

Carbon has a high affinity for certain rock types, by human weathering – crushing rock the carbon is attracted to the crushed particles and stored in the ground. Rocks that have this high attraction are Basalt and Glauconite. The impact of a carbon rich soil would be much increased crop yields, it’s simply a natural fertilizer.


Whatever the technique we can store the CO2 underground, similarly use the CO2 to our advantage such as pumping underground to increase oil production by pressurising oil reserves to give high flow rates to the surface. Convert the CO2 into useful products such as fertilizers, biofuels, carbon fibres, graphene, artificial diamonds and plastic products or use the CO2 to aid in cement manufacture where the CO2 will be stored in the development of buildings. Natural equilibrium with new forests around the globe and sea algae’s consuming the CO2. All the above are needed and fast!

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