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Fuel Cell Research and Tests

Premier Control Technologies have many years of experience in supplying instrumentation to Fuel Cell research from University PhD research projects to large multinational companies. The key instrumentation for gas and liquid flow and pressure control is the Alicat Mass Flow Controller, the Gas MFC’s and Liquid CODA Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers accurately take care of the precise flow rates you desire. Together with Electronic pressure control and/ or metering PCT has the instrumentation required. Pressure control comes in 3 versions 1. Forward Pressure Control, 2. Back Pressure Control and 3. Closed Loop Pressure Control which PCT can help you in your selection by specifying the best all-round solution from Alicat.

Humidification is also key for the Fuel Cell stack membranes, PCT would supply a solution to create the desired humidified gas. Meeting your gas flow rate and humidification set point RH% specifications are crucial for a long-life membrane and optimal results of your system. Advanced cooling baths can be incorporated to control the gas temperature once the gas is humidified. Further a humidity sensor can be included to ensure that it is correct for your application. Thus a total solution can ensure accurate Gas flow, liquid Flow, Gas humidity and gas temp to your fuel cell system.

Gas flow rates from as low as 0.5SCCM Full Scale and up to 10,000 turn down, Premier Control Technologies can help with your Alicat Mass Flow requirements.

Liquid Flow has never been so important, you can place your trust in the Alicat CODA, miniature Coriolis. The CODA having Full scale Flow Rates of as little as 40g/hr with turn down of 500:1 and largest flow rates up to 300Kg/hr in the Alicat Range and much higher in our Rheonik range of Coriolis Meters.

Premier Control Technologies your Low Flow Specialists.

Alicat Scientific have been heavily involved within fuel cell research for many years. Not only furnishing the flow control on the test rigs themselves but also for humidification of those gas streams and controlling the forward and back pressures.

Interestingly, fuel cell endurance tests have been well served by battery powered Hydrogen mass flow meters that also include a totalization function. The winner of the race is the one that has travelled the furthest distance whilst consuming the least amount of Hydrogen.

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