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Hydrogen Economy

The world is looking for a cleaner source of Energy. Hydrogen has reached the short list and is the focus of research and funding.

Areas of focus to investigate, is it clean? Hydrogen meets this requirement with its emissions as Air and water.

Is it abundant enough to supply the entire planet? Is there an option that could be affordable? Is the fuel source available globally? Can it be stored? Can it be transported to other locations?. There are many areas to look at when looking for a new Fuel Source.

Hydrogen ticks all the boxes of the new Global Fuel Source. Whilst Solar and Wind power are already up and running and saving emissions of CO2. Nuclear and Fusion Energy will also continue to grow across the globe, Nuclear is tried and tested whereas Fusion is still at an early stage although growing with huge investment in this in the UK.

What is happening with H2?

The good news is it’s here already! In fact it’s been here since the 1970’s. The currently spending has ramped up in the last few years and in 2020 Europe spent 45 Billion Euros on the Hydrogen economy. Why do we need H2 as well as Solar and Wind? It’s about availability and storage for when we need it. Solar panels are improving and even the moonlight can now be harvested by solar panels, wind can be excellent in strategic locations. However the storage of the energy and instant availability when there’s no wind or minimal light means other technologies are also needed to all work together. H2 can be used in similar ways to coal, oil as an instant source of fuel. The by-product being Air and Water! It can also be storage in Liquid or Gas form. The storage can be at very high pressures and storing enough to meet demands will require potentially huge underground caves of H2.

The infrastructure

The infrastructure is growing for the production, the transportation and the storage of H2 around the global. The devices that will use H2 are also being developed too, whether this is the latest London Double-Decker Bus, the next generation Car or the Aeroplanes being tested around the globe that are fuelled by H2.

Premier Control Technologies are here to support your Flow and Pressure requirements. The Alicat Range of H2 Mass Flow Meters and Controllers in the Alicat CODA Coriolis flow meters range may be your starting point for low to medium Flow Rates, The Rheonik range of Coriolis Flow Meters may be better suited to those medium to high flow rates.

We can help

Premier Control Technologies are also experts in the Pressure Metering and Control of Liquids and Gases.

Electronic Pressure Control both Forward and Back Pressure control as well as Closed loop dual valve pressure control from Alicat.

Back Pressure control of H2 this can be achieved with the Equilibar Back Pressure Controllers.

Mechanical Pressure Regulators: Gas Cylinder regulators and auto change over cylinder regulators, line regulators and Back Pressure regulators take a closer look at the Drastar range of instrumentation.

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