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Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry group requires instrumentation to be robust, highly accurate, reliable and repeatable. Processes are commonly linked to living material such as cell cultures and tissue not least being the presence, and quality, of life in the human population. Commonly liquid application solutions are required to be constructed out of 316L stainless steel or plastics (depending on the pressure rating), with hygienic fittings, a freely swept flow path being crevice free and sometimes with USP Grade VI elastomers. Gas applications generally conform to high quality industrial designs especially when biofilters are applied upstream of a device.

Alicat products are very widely used across Life Science applications as they are of extremely high quality with reliability, repeatability and robustness at the heart of the design. Special features such as an immunity to non-condensing moisture content further lend them to Life Science applications.

The Group can be further sub-divided into discrete segments: