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The Fish industry has seen many changes over the years and Fish Farms are now commonplace around the world. With keeping of fish in cages the affects of keeping so many fish so close together in the same position enough with flowing water can result in problems with the fish health. Aeration of the water is crucial for health fish stocks in fisheries, both in home Aquariums and ponds as it is to Fish Farms in tidal areas. The cost implications of unhealthy fish stocks is enormous and the solution can be relatively simple and low cost. Alicat Mass Flow Controllers can control the desired flow of Oxygen into the pipes feeding the aeration system. Depending on the flow a number of MFC’s can be incorporated into the design. The MFC’s are typically IP66 rated and also housed in a protective cabinet saving exposing them to the harsh environments. Remote monitoring of the air flow is crucial as we understand labour is expensive and access to the fish cages often in the sea can be difficult.

The addition of Oxygen to the water supports the fish in highly populated cages by stopping the transfer of Lice and other parasites.

The application can be used in Fish farms for human consumption, for sports fishing for healthy stock levels and breeding, for fish breeding such as Aquatic centres for pond fish such Koi and aquarium stocks on large scales.

Premier Control Technologies can also recommend the same solution for Aeration in Waste Water, the Aeration of stagnant/polluted water in lakes and streams/ rivers to help save or restore aquatic life, the aeration of water treatment sites for cleaning Iron. All applications are extremely similar for an Alicat Mass Flow Air or Oxygen Controller, with Capacity of up to 6000SLPM in a single device!

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