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The Hydrogenation Process is an excellent example of where the unique features of an Alicat come into use. Because Alicat of multi-parameter control and measurement it is possible to control the pressure of the Hydrogen whilst also measuring its mass flow rate, all within the one instrument. In addition, the on-board totalizer can read (and output/display) the total flow over a period of time and, if required, can be further programmed to shut the control valve once a limit has been reached and/or alarm that this condition has been reached.

Similarly, inhalations research perhaps with impactor testing also benefits from unique, but different, features. Dual valve flow controllers can be utilized to create bi-directional flow as seen within inhalation/exhalation. Furthermore, a controlled moisture content can be introduced into the flow stream (to further simulate real breath) and this will have no effect on the Alicat. Indeed, this variable moisture content can be identified within the Gas Composer software to further increase overall accuracy.

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