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The UK is a highly advanced leader in the Space sector. Government backing, University breakaway groups and historical rocket research and testing facilities such as National Space Propulsion Facility at Westcott Venture Park the UK is truly a global leader. The European Space Agency ESA commit to many UK Space projects often with support from the Science and technology Facility Council and the UK Space Agency.

Premier Control Technologies are here to support the next generation Propulsion Scientists with Mass Flow Meters and Controllers. Our experience can help with the selection of the most suitable Mass Flow Controllers, which may be an Alicat MFC, Alicat Coriolis CODA Controller, for larger flows a Rheonik Coriolis Meter. Let us know the fuel such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Kr, Xe, He or Ar, the flow rate and pressure and we will select the perfect instrument for your unique application.

We are also approached for other non-Satellite Thruster applications, we are always keen to support your challenging requirements, from growing Semiconductors on board your vessel whilst in space, to flow control with a Longer Peristaltic Pump in space, Testing breathing apparatus/ space suits to pressure control with Back Pressure Controllers from Equilibar to Electronic pressure controllers from Alicat.

Instruments used in the Aerospace Industry

Turbine flow meters are ideal for aerospace test benches. They can be used to measure a wide range of lubricants, coolants and fuels.

Excellent measurement linearity of up to ±0.1% of reading paired with ±0.05% of reading repeatability provides the ideal solution for test and validation applications.

One Click Flow to CAN – CAN Bus connection and TEDS capability.

User friendly software without customer lock-out provides unrestricted access to software-controlled parameters.

Our range of mass flow meters and controllers can be used for test and validation of gases.

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