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Compressed Air

The applications for compressed air generation and distribution are wide and varied. The most important however is the conservation of quality, the reduction in cost and the elimination of leaks.

Flow Measurement and Control

  • Underwater Noise Protection / Bubble Curtain
  • Efficiency-FAD analysis for compressors
  • Consumption sensors for distribution networks
  • Consumption measurement for internal billing
  • Consumption measurement in the food industry

Leak Detection

  • Effective leak detection and elimination
  • Assessing the cost impact of leaks
  • Evaluation software for detected leaks and documentation
  • Reduction of energy costs

Compressed Air Quality

  • Measuring compressed air quality according to ISO 8573
  • Humidity and particle measurement for critical applications
  • Oil carry-over measurement

Dew Point Measurement

  • Dew point measurement across the whole compressed air network
  • Dew point monitoring in the pneumatic conveying of powder
  • Mobile dew point measurement
  • Dew point monitoring in the fruit and vegetable sector
  • Humidity and quality measurement when generating compressed breathing air

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