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August 2022

Introducing our Pump Consultant

My career and passion are about working within low to medium flow applications and finding solutions to often complex challenges.

Premier Control Technologies (PCT) is a natural match for me, PCT's state-of-the-art product offering allows me to offer customers optimal full fluid path solutions without, compromising at any stage.

I bring 15+ years of experience in peristaltic pump product modifications, development and consultancy.

What makes my day is talking to our customers, learning about the challenges they face and helping them find solutions. I completely geek out on great design and innovation.

I was fortunate enough to join a leading peristaltic pump company after my time at Warwick university where I completed a sustainable centrifugal pump project.

Working for a leading peristaltic pump company that was growing fast exposed me to a variety of applications across different market sectors: life science to water treatment and OEM’s to just to name a few.

On a daily basis I worked closely with the manufacturing process and most importantly handled direct communication and supported customers in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

These days, in my opinion peristaltic pumps are becoming more and more of a commodity and there is less and less room for innovation. This is amazing news for customers. The difference between pump manufactures is becoming smaller and smaller. The product price goes down and this in turn allows customer to channel the money into different parts of the project.

There may be a game changing moment on the horizon as we have seen recently with electric cars, but I don’t believe it is going to happen anytime soon within the peristaltic pump business. This again is great news for customers, who can buy with confidence without having to worry about the current products becoming outdated.

Outside of work I love to be outdoors, skiing and surfing are two of my great passions.

In short if you need help with a Pump application, give me your requirements and I shall seek you a perfect solution.

You can contact Adam on 07931 165964 or by email –