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April 2023

Introducing our Valve Consultant

Premier Control Technologies (PCT) is a natural match for me, PCT's state-of-the-art product offering allows me to offer customers optimal full fluid path solutions without compromise at any stage.

I bring 15+ years of experience in valve maintenance, design, project, sales engineering.

What makes my day is talking to our customers, learning about the challenges they face and helping them find solutions.

I was fortunate enough to join a leading valve service company straight from secondary education as an apprentice where I gained experience and exposure to the oil & gas industry quickly working across the UK and abroad on various projects.

Having worked across multiple engineering sectors has enabled me to gain a deep appreciation and natural affinity for valve engineering which has also been strengthened by a history of engineers in my family.
I recently completed my Master Degree in Engineering Management at the University of Huddersfield which ensures customer satisfaction and technical understanding remain at the core of my focus.

On a daily basis I worked closely with the manufacturing process and most importantly handle direct communication and support for our UK customer base to which we would like expand.

The valve industry hasn’t seen many fundamental changes from a design concept point of view so to speak as many principles still work on the basics of physics and are backed by a supporting framework of mechanical design. I do however believe than in the recent have decade the energy industry has been impacted by the combination of the ever changing environmental challenges, globalisation of the economy and the widely discussed COVID pandemic.

Outside of work I love to be outdoors walking, music is my passion as I play traditional Indian (Dhol) drums and kit drums – I also produce music and enjoy reading and watching films when I have spare time.

In short if you need help with a valve or regulator application, give me your requirements and I shall do my best to create an ideal solution.

You can contact Harj on 07385 624969 or by email –