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March 2023

New Ultracam LD 500/510 trumpet from CS Instruments

What is the Ultracam Trumpet?

It is the latest technology coming from CS Instruments offering their newest trumpet design to be used with their LD 500 and LD 510 series of leak detectors.

What does it do?

It detects leaks within your compressed air system, as well as other gases.

What is so special about the Ultracam?

It uses a series of 30 MEMS microphones on the trumpet to create a visual image of the leak. The MEMS microphones detect the ultrasonic sound coming from the leak and allows this to be displayed visually.

How exactly can I see the leak in my compressed air system?

To determine if there is a leak, the user aims the Ultracam leak detector with laser along the compressed air pipework. If a leakage is detected then a heatmap of where the leak is detected will show on the display of the LD 500 / 510. The laser will give the user an accurate distance of how far away the pipework is, accurately measuring up to 6.5 meters away.

Ultracam trumpet visualises compressed air leaks

The arrow in the image above is pointing to the detected air leak

Does this offer an advantage over traditional leak detectors?

Yes - traditional leak detectors allow you to hear the leak through a headset and some detectors add a camera so you can take a photo of the leak. Ultracam lets you visually see the leak.

What if I already have a traditional leak detector from CS Instruments?

If you already have an LD 500 or LD 510 leak detector from CS instruments depending on the age of your instrument you maybe able to return this to to PCT for upgrading or we can ship a new trumpet to you and upgrade the firmware locally so you may use the latest technology. Contact us with further details on your existing equipment if you would like to upgrade.

Does this mean I can also see on the display the cost of the leak?

Yes - it does Ultracam still shows you how much a compressed air leak maybe costing you as well as now visually representing the leakage. This could either be the flow rate for example litres per minute or the cost for example GBP per year.

What else should I know?

  • Ultracam still has the same great features as the LD 500 and LD 510. You can still take photos of leakages on the device to log them.
  • Reports can be generated in accordance with ISO 50001.
  • There is a brightness sensor which activates in low light so that LEDs can be activated on the trumpet to light up the surrounding area.

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