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June 2022

PCT supply Handheld Leak Detectors for Compressed Gas Pipework

Working with our long-standing partner CS Instruments we’re pleased to be distributing an excellent product of theirs.

The LD series of Handheld Leak Detectors set out to spot defects in compressed gas pipework; whether this be detecting leaks in the system, loose screws and even areas of pipework developing corrosion – which will inevitably need replacing. With our leak detectors businesses can save money by detecting leaks before they become an issue that stops the process from operating. Prior to reaching this stage, they cleverly provide an output reading in GBP of the detected gas pipe leak – whether this be a compressed air, nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar) or oxygen (O2) system.

The Leak Detectors are configured to suit your application and can include a combination of accessories, such as: an acoustic trumpet or a parabolic mirror for medium to longer distances, and a gooseneck or straightening tube for shorter distances and situations where pipework is fitted very close together.

If you need to investigate how best to detect leaks for your gas pipe system don’t hesitate to get in touch -