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November 2020

The Final Word in Coriolis Flow Control

PCT are proud to announce the release of the CODA Series of ultra-compact Coriolis meters and controllers. Ideal for the precise and accurate measurement and control of gases and liquids in low to ultra-low flow regimes, they have a pressure rating of up to 240 bar, have extremely high chemical resistance and, in-line with Coriolis technology, also provide fluid density measurement.

Cutting edge sensor and electronics design has enabled CODA to be feature-rich thereby offering the user a considerable number of benefits:

  • Insensitive to Transient Vibration
  • Very Small Size
  • Broad Measuring Range (High Turn-down) and Highly Stable Zero
  • Direct Measurement of Mass Flow, Independent of Fluid Properties
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Ideal for integration into PCT pumping solutions for precise fluid transfer, dosing, and filling
  • Special design for flow control within high differential pressure applications

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