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We offer a complete range of Flow Meters

Here at PCT we can offer you our complete range of flow meters that are all in one place. Our products range from calorimetric meters to vortex meters, which shows that we are willing to provide a product for whatever flow meter need you may have. For example, our rotameters can be used for a variety of pipe sizes, ranging from ¼” to 2”, and the gas meters that we have available range from 0.04m3/h up to a large flow rate of 160m3/h. We offer from a very basic flow meter for indication only to a mass flow meter which is fully pressure and temperature compensated.

We also have a miscellaneous section that will provide you with a range of flow meter accessories that would be needed. These include battery packs, cables and remote displays in order to make sure that you have a constantly working flow meter. At PCT we offer a product for use with most types of liquids and gasses, due to our extensive range of these meters.

What are flow meters used for?

These products are vital in determining the flow rate or the quantity of a gas or liquid that is moving through a pipe. Our extensive range allows for us to supply for most situations in which a flow meter is needed, as each of these scenarios has a different requirement. You’re sure to find the right product for your job by looking at our list below.

Many types of meters or accessories are available at PCT, which makes us confident that we can supply the customer with the best and most suitable product for you, even if this may not be an actual flow meter!

Help and advice

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