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CS Instruments VA 400 Compressed Air Insertion Flow Meter

  • Direct Inline Measurement of Compressed Air and Gasses
  • Flow Sensor VA-400
  • Local in head display
  • Dual Outputs: 4-20mA and Pulse
  • Suitable for Line sizes ½” to 12”

The CS Instruments VA 400 series of compressed air and gases sensor works on the calorific principle in a robust housing with and without display.

The sensor is inserted into the flow path and can be done so even under pressure, the VA-400 is mounted with a standard 1/2" ball valve.

A safety ring avoids an uncontrolled ejection of the probe which may be caused by the operating pressure.

The VA-400 is available in the following probe lengths: 120, 160, 220, 300, 400 mm.

The flow sensors can be mounted into existing pipelines with inner diameters of 1/2" upwards.

The correct sensor positioning is established by means of an engraved depth scale on the sensor bar.

The mounting depth corresponds with the respective probe length.


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