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CS Instruments clamp-on ammeter Miniflex

  • Measures from 5 to 400 Aac.
  • Precise readings with an accuracy of ≤1% of full scale.
  • 4 - 20 mA Output

The clamp on ammeter combines a flexible Rogowski coil model MiniFlex MA101 and a digital power convertor. This makes an AC RMS current sensor that can measure current on a power conductor up to 400 Aac.

A digital convertor gives an output of 4-20 mA, dc in proportion to the current. An accuracy of less than 1% of full scale provides precise measurements for use in a complete compressed air system.

This ammeter is ideal for measuring the current going into an air compressor to help monitor the power used. This can be used to make the system more sustainable and reduce energy costs by measuring the amount of power that is used to make 1 cubic metre of compressed air a minute.

Key specifications

Measurement rangefrom 5 Aac to 400 Aac
Fundamental frequencyfrom 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Output signal from 4 mAdc to 20 mAdc (4 mAdc = 0 Aac, 20 mAdc = 400 Aac)
Maximum output21.6 mA
Load impedance≤ 300 Ω

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