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CS Instruments FO510 Oil moisture sensor

  • Three measured criteria water activity, water content and temperature
  • Highly accurate with a quick response time
  • Maximum pressure rating of 300 bar

The FO510 Industrial oil motion sensor provides a highly accurate and stable solution to measuring water activity, oil temperature and can calculate absolute water content for transformer oils. By measuring the moisture content, it can prevent excessive moisture inside an industrial process. Excess moisture causes corrosion and contamination increasing repair costs and downtime as well as reducing performance.

Humidity and Accuracy

Wide measurement ranges of humidity between 0 and 1aw lead to maximised reliability and the ability to adapt to different system requirements. Accuracy is critical when measuring the moisture content with the sensor being accurate to ±0.02aw at 23°C from 0 to 0.9aw and is accurate to 0.03± aw between 0.9 and 1 aw also at 23°C.

Temperature and Pressure

The temperature measuring range is between 0 and 100°C with an accuracy of just ±0.3°C. Pressure within the system should not exceed 300 bar to prevent damage to the sensor.

Common applications for FO 510 include:

  • Within powerplants where turbine oil moisture content can be measured for preserving the performance and life of the turbine or transformer stations where moisture will decrease the working life of the transformer.
  • It can be inserted into a variety of oils such as engine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and diesel fuels.

Outputs and connections

Two configurable analogue 4..20mA (3-wire) outputs are available along with a Modbus RTU (RS485). It has been rated to a protection class of IP 66 and is easy to install with an ISO G ½” or NPT ½” thread.

Data sheets and manuals

Model numbers

  • FO 510


The CS Instruments FO510 Oil moisture sensor is widely used in the following industries:

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