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CS Instruments Oil-Check 400 residual oil measurement

  • Provides a permanent, highly accurate measure of oil vapour using a PID sensor
  • Monitors compressed air quality to ISO 8573 class 1 standard
  • Capable of measuring between 0.001 and 2.5 mg/m3

The Oil-Check 400 measures the residual oil vapours inside a compressed air system through a PID (photo-ionic-detonator) sensor. An automatic zero-point calibration provides long lasting stability as the refence gas is created by a mini-catalyst.

A measuring range of between 0.001 and 2.5 mg/m3 means that measurements can be done to Class 1 ISO 8573. It should be installed after an activated carbon filter and absorber that has been connected to an upstream filter and dryer.

Ambient temperatures in which the Oil-check 400 can operate are between 5 and 45°C. The compressed air temperature can be between 5 and 50°C with a relative humidity of less than 40% and a DTP maximum of 10°C.

Sampling is connected to the compressed air system via a PTFE hose, or a stainless-steel pipe connected with a 1/8" female thread according to ISO 228-1.

When used in a compressed air system it helps to prevent damage to devices further down the production line. This will reduce maintenance costs and reduce contamination which should lead to a more efficient process.

A 3.5" touchscreen allows for simple operation with a variety of outputs including Ethernet interface, RS485 interface and 2 alarm relays.

The Oil-Check 400 is also available as a mobile unit capable of measuring vaporous oil in compressed air between 0.001 and 2.5mg/m3. A highly accurate PID sensor has an inbuilt miniature catalyst that provides a zero-point calibration.

A mobile trolley can be used to mount the Oil-Check and once it is connected the PID sensor is operational within 30 minutes. Again an oil and grease free 2 metre PTFE hose provides quick coupling to the system.

Relative humidity must be lower than 75% without condensation for effective operation with the ambient and compressed air temperature above 5°C. Compressed air temperature should not exceed 50°C and the ambient temperature 45°C.

0 to 10 volt analogue outputs are provided for communication with external chart recorders. The DS400 can be integrated into the Oil-Check 400 as well as a system that features a mobile DS500, Oil-check, particle control and an FA510 dew point sensor. This will allow for a mobile complete compressed air quality check.

Model numbers

  • 0699 0070
  • Z699 0075
  • Z699 0074
  • Z699 0076
  • 0554 6017
  • 0553 0501


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