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CS Instruments PC 400 Particle counter

  • Detects particles to as small as 0.1µm to class 1 in ISO 8573-1
  • Suitable for Oxygen (O2), air/compressed air, argon and nitrogen (N2)
  • Can connects with other mobile systems to create a mobile compressed air quality monitor

The Particle Counter PC400 is an accurate optical particle counter that uses a laser diode to illuminate aerosol particles to determine their diameter. This allows it to measure the size of particles as small as 0.1µm which means it can measure compressed air to Class 1 of ISO 8573-1.

Faster than the majority of other particle counters

A maximum flow rate of 1CFM/28.3 l/min allows for faster speed than the majority of particle counters on the market without compromising on accuracy. 100% accuracy is achieved when particles are larger than 0.15µm and 50% accuracy when particles are 0.1µm.

Pressure and temperature ranges

Pressure into the particle counter should not exceed 1.6 bar. This can be regulated by a supplied pressure reducer which has a maximum inlet pressure of 40 bar. Ambient temperature can range from 5 to 40°C and the temperature of the medium must be within 0 and 70°.

An easily operated touchscreen can be used as well as the ability to transfer data digitally via RS485 Modbus protocol to a DS500 chart recorder or a DS400 data logger.

Portable particle counter

PC 400 is also available as a mobile solution, the mobile particle counter 400 can measure particles in compressed air and gases down to the size of 0.1µm. This means it can monitor the quality of compressed air to Class 1 ISO 8573. Other measured mediums can be used such as argon, nitrogen and oxygen.

The PC400 can be fitted together with an Oil-Checker 400, DS500 and an FA510 dew point sensor to create a mobile compressed air quality control system that is capable of operating at ISO 8573 Class 1.

Common applications

It can be used to prevent product contamination in a compressed air system and help to reduce costs, but it can also be used to measure particles in cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry. It can measure particles in a variety of mediums including compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

Key specifications

Measured mediumCompressed air (free from aggressive, corrosive, acid, toxic, flammable and oxidising components) as well as gas types like N2, O2, CO2. Further gas types on request
Field of applicationIn case of compressed air after filtration
In case of gases / pure gases also without filtration
ParameterNumber of particles per m³ (relative to expanded air: 20 °C, 1000 hPa)
Operating pressureMax. input pressure on the pressure reducer: 40 bar
Humidity of measured gas<= 90% rel. humidity, pressure dew point max. 10 °C, non-condensable humidity
Dimensions150 x 200 x 300 mm

Model numbers

  • 0699 0040
  • 0553 0108
  • 0699 0042
  • 0699 0043
  • 0699 0041


The CS Instruments PC 400 Particle counter is widely used in the following industries:

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