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CS Instruments VA 521 - Compact inflow flow meter for compressed air and gases

  • No straight piping requirement
  • Multiple gases available
  • Flow rates up to 1195 Nm3/Hr

The VA 521 is a compact inline flow meter from CS instruments available in various sizes from ½” up to 2” in line size with threaded BSPP connections.

The compact size of the VA 521 make it ideal for energy monitoring applications where small, compact flow meters are required for machine energy monitoring. With the optional Modbus TCP (Ethernet), PoE, M-Bus communications protocol many VA 521 flow meters can be networked together for sitewide energy monitoring of machines or compressed gas lines. 4 – 20 mA and pulse outputs are also available dependant on meter configuration.

The local display can be configured to display two values from either flow rate, total flow or gas temperature. Gases can be changed via software with air, nitrogen, argon, CO2 and oxygen being user configurable.

Typical accuracy

Stated at ± 1.5% of m.v. ± 0.3 % of f.s with optional accuracy available of ± 1% of m.v. ± 0.3 % of f.s.

Operating temperature range

From -30°c to +80°

Operating pressures

Up to 16 bar optionally or up to 40 bar.

Standard instruments are configured for a maximum velocity of 92.7 MPS (metres per second), low flow (50 MPS), high-flow (224 MPS) and max (185 MPS) configurations are also available.

Other features

  • DVGW approval for natural gas (max. pressure 16 bar)
  • Special cleaning oil and grease free optional (e.g. for oxygen applications)
  • LABS and silicone-free version including cleaning oil and grease-free optional

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