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CS Instruments VD 500 flow sensor for wet compressed air and gases

  • Excellent response time of 100ms.
  • Provides precise compressor audit information in a compressed air system.
  • Wide installation range of pipes between DN20 and DN500

The VD500 is a flow rate sensor designed to measure the rate of wet compressed air as it leaves the compressor using differential pressure to output the flow rate.

For between 20 and 224m/s flow rate the accuracy of the sensor is ±1.5% of the measured value ±0.3% of full scale. Above 224 m/s the accuracy is just ±1.5% of the measured value.

An operating gas temperature range of between –30 and 180°C while the ambient temperature can also go as low as -30° and up to 70°C.
A maximum flow rate of 600m/s can be measured with an operating pressure of up to 20 bar.

When used in a compressed air system, the VD500 should be installed after the compressor. This will provide data as to the efficiency of the compressor and what the initial flow rate is going into the compressed air system.

As standard the signal output is 4-20 mA as well as a pulsed output. Ditial communications are also available via RS485 Modbus-RTU . The optional digitla output available are an Ethernet interface (PoE) or M-Bus.
The power supply needed is 18-36 VDC with a maximum power consumption of 5W.

The sensor can be installed in a wide range of pipe sizes from DN20 to DN500. The screw-in connector is G ½" in accordance with ISO 228 while the device has been given an IP protection class rating of IP65.

Other features

  • Particularly suitable for extremely high fl ow rates
  • Extremely fast response time: 100 ms
  • Flow, total consumption, temperature and pressure
  • Measurement at high temperatures, max. temperature 180 °C
  • Measurement in various gases by selecting the gas type, on request

Model numbers

  • 0690 5001
  • 0690 5001 A1
  • 0690 5001 A2


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