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Rheonik RHE14 Coriolis Transmitter

  • Designed for use in embedded systems and OEM.
  • Provides analogue, pulse and digital outputs.
  • Useable with all Coriolis RHM sensors.

Mounting and installation

The RHE14 is a DIN rail mounted coriolis transmitter that has been developed for use in embedded systems. Low installation costs mean it can be used in a variety of applications such as feed stocks an transfers and filling and dispensing.

It has 2 digital status outputs and a digital input for an external zero command. There is 1 active 4-20mA that can be used for mass flow or temperature. One of the two pulse outputs is an active TTL while the other is a passive open collector.

Dimensions and materials

The transmitter is 70x86x58mm and weighs only 0.2kg. Power supply is 8-28 VDC (+/-10%).

The enclosure is made from polycarbonate and polyphenylene oxide. It is protection class IP20 but additional modules are available to expand into hazardous areas.


Power consumption of the transmitter is only 2W and communicates via RS232 with HARD or Rheonik simple ASCII protocol.

Other features

  • DIN rail mounted enclosure made from polycarbonate and polyphenylene oxide.
  • Enclosures are protection class IP20.
  • 1 active 4-20 analogue output for mass flow or temperature.
  • Two pulse outputs, one active TTL and one passive open collector.
  • Two digital outputs that can be active or passive.
  • Consumes 2W of power.
  • Requires a 8-28VDC power supply.
  • RS232 data communication with HART or Rheonik simple ASCII protocol.
  • Digital input for remote zero.
  • Operates in an ambient temperature of -40°C to 65°C.
  • Weighs 0.2kg with dimensions of 70x86x58mm.

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